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Celebration Itinerary

Here's the projected itinerary for the 2023 Juneteenth Cultural Festival and Celebration presented by R.O.C. the Block Festivals!

Please note that this is a projected itinerary and may be altered as we continue to plan for the most engaging festival experience possible!

3:00 PM  |  Opening Libation Ceremony

3:05 PM  |  Prayer

3:10 PM  |  Universal Show Band

3:15 PM  |  KRK (Kings Recognize Kings)

3:30 PM  |  Greetings from Mayor Jane Castor

3:35 PM  |  Reflections from Fred Hearns of the Tampa Bay History Center

3:45 PM  |  Greetings and Proclamation from County Commissioner Gwen Myers

3:50 PM  |  Community Workout with Coach Vitta

3:55 PM  |  ZUMBA Workout

4:00 PM  |  Capoeira Workout

4:10 PM  |  Ran Musi

4:20 PM  |  Dee Goodson

4:40 PM  |  The New Groove

5:05 PM  |  Fat Boy Juice

5:35 PM  |  Pusha Preme

6:00 PM  |  Omari Dillard

7:00 PM  |  Shauny Rox

7:30 PM  |  Nathan Mitchell


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Site map


Shauny Rox


Born in the Sunshine State. Raised in the church. A musical theater major, trained to be a classical vocalist. Shauny Rox can be called anything, but one-dimensional. She writes. She acts. She sings. She raps. She does everything, but quit! After a decade long, hiatus, Ms. Rox returned to the stage in 2015, with a vengeance. Ready to reunite with music, Roxy took on the task of fore-fronting a cover band, to get re-acquainted with the industry. Gigging at national festivals, jazz/blues clubs, casinos, cruise ships, and everywhere in between, has honed her stage presence & skill in every genre from Top 40 to Neo-Soul to Hip-Hop.

With every note sang, and every lyric recited, an authentic energy is exuded. It's evident that she's experienced life's joys and pains, and she's better for it. She's got a story, and she's gonna share it, whether through a remake or a catchy, heart-wrenching original.  Captivating audiences from every walk of life, with her looks and talent; Shauny Rox is a true gem, with a bright future.

Omari Dillard


Born in the small town of Carbondale, Illinois, and raised in the Tampa Bay area, Omari Dillard is a musical force to be reckoned with. He began playing piano at the tender age of 8. By the age of 11, Omari decided he wanted to play violin instead. From big festivals and concerts, to weddings, private parties, and engagements, Omari has wooed audiences nationwide. In his free time, Omari loves to give back to the community by visiting schools and inspiring kids of all ages to pursue what came to be his passion in life: music.

Classically trained, with a contemporary style, Omari delivers harmonious sounds with versatility in genres like R&B, jazz, hip hop, rock, pop, country, and gospel. From Anita Baker and Luther Vandross, to Bruno Mars and Alicia Keys, and even Chris Stapleton's "Tennessee Whiskey" , Omari Dillard is sure to set the perfect vibe according to your occasion. Often told, "You make that violin sing like a saxophone!", he is also an intriguing performer. Whether you desire a laid back vibe over dinner, or an upbeat cadence to get the crowd on their feet, Omari will provide the tunes to have you moving and grooving all night! His sultry sound makes this musician one of the most captivating around!

Nathan Mitchell


Nathan Mitchell, an accomplished American contemporary jazz / soul (composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist) music educator and humanitarian. A Grammy Nominated, 3x NAACP Image Award nominated and BILLBOARD charting artist with 10 top 30 BILLBOARD hits including three #1 BILLBOARD songs; has become one of the most respected “musical storytellers” in the contemporary jazz industry. This award nominated and winning artist is known best for his electric showmanship, unique talents, and enthusiastic energy.

Nathan’s career took a major leap into the eyes of mainstream music lovers all over the world following his 2023 “Rising Star” stellar performance at the Seabreeze Jazz Festival in Panama City, FL. His performance caught the attention of major festivals, as well as music lovers globally which made him an immediate house-hold name. In addition, the impact of the “Nathan Mitchell Experience” was noticed by national syndicate talk show host Sherri Shepherd who also attended the festival. She acknowledged and featured Nathan in a segment of her show (The Sherri Shepard Show) along with some of the top elite talents of the contemporary jazz industry simply stating, “Nathan, I am a fan!” Currently signed to the #1 BILLBOARD Smooth Jazz label Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm (TnR) Nathan has made great strides quickly by scoring a #1 BILLBOARD hit with his song “100% Cotton” from his debut TnR release “It’s My Time”. A song of love written as a tribute to his cousin with a cause to bring attention towards kidney awareness.


As a man of great character, faith, and drive to build an impactful music legacy Nathan humbly receives continuous worldwide recognition as “one of the best to do it” in the entertainment industry excelling him to a vast legendary status.

DJ Lady Shay


DJ Lady Shay is a Tampa, FL based DJ and MC who has overcome the barriers of a male dominated professional and become a driving force that is spearheading a new chapter for female DJ's.

DJ Lady Shay is a live mix/blend turntableist DJ, not a button pusher. She understands the true art of mixing and is incredible to watch, and hear, and she spins on turntables. Her music repertoire spans from electronic to current pop, hip hop, old school, dancehall, calypso and soca music. She also brings a vibrant energy to the microphone as a professional MC.

DJ Lady Shay is a Florida native from Delray Beach and a graduate from the University of Central Florida. Her natural ability to select music is deeply rooted in her Jamaican heritage and father who was a well-respected vinyl DJ.

Pusha Preme


“Any significant success or achievement is based on a tale of tenacious struggle, unwavering determination, and a passion strong enough to endure and strive.” This sentiment rings true for rap talent Pusha Preme. “Red Oktober” encapsulates brooding and mysterious energy that intends to surf the listener’s deepest, most profound thoughts. A purveyor of haunting atmospherics, lush textures, and silky-smooth beats, Pusha’s music is honest, biographical, and implacable.

The album “Red Oktober” is a melting pot of deep and emotionally charged soundscapes, lush, ambient textures, and new-age grooves. Pusha’s productions are undoubtedly enchanting, a sensory delight capable of transporting listeners to surreal territory bound only by one’s imagination. Stylistically, Pusha’s music echoes influences from some of the greats, Tyler the Creator, Asap Rocky, Kendrick Lamar, Jay-z, Pharrell, to name a few.

The Bronx New York-based singer-producer Pusha Preme has been making waves with his delicate blend of heartfelt melodies; Goal-oriented lyrics, and harmonies that reel you in like a fish on a hook. Above all, Pusha’s music is often praised for its high intimacy and familiar themes that find their way to a special place in the listener’s heart.

DJ Sandman


After a nearly decade-and-a-half long run on Tampa Bay’s iHeartRadio’s 95.7 The Beat, DJ Sandman—who’s widely regarded as the “Godfather of Hip-Hop” in the Bay area—is running full-speed into the next phase of a career that’s seen him celebrate both local and national hip-hop for more than 20 years.

Beginning as a fan in high school, Sandman’s journey as a radio DJ started when he stepped behind the mic and turntables at the University of South Florida’s WBUL, where he eventually became Hip-Hop Music Director. His network of fans, clients and connections—earned during gigs spinning campus parties and at clubs in the local party district—followed him as he started to bring hip-hop to places no one else dared to go during his time promoting parties throughout the Tampa Bay Area in the early-to-mid-’90s.

Sandman founded in 2000 and watched it become a premier social networking site before Facebook arrived (the site is set for a relaunch soon), and as has hit the stage with a laundry list of hip-hop greats including Talib Kweli, Nas, KRS ONE, DJ Premier, Raekown, the Wu-Tang Clan, Soulja Boy and many, many more.

Sandman—a voting member of the BET Awards and a member of The Mix Syndicate—has always kept his ear to the concrete, and that’s how he stays in touch with the hottest sounds from the streets; he could be heard mixing on the FM airwaves every weekend from 2006 to 2020; he showcased local music on The Beat’s “Future Flavors” segment and also toured throughout Europe and the U.S. alongside L.A.-by-way-of-Tampa emcee Dynasty.



KRK (Kings Recognize Kings) is a trio of incredible solo artists who decided to join together to become a SUPERGROUP. Theo Lane (Tampa) is the vocalist while O.G. (New Jersey, St. Pete) and Shadcore (St. Pete) handle the emcee duties. A beautiful and dynamic blend of R &B and Rap, they have dubbed their music as GRAB Music, (Grown Rap And B), music that “grabs” the listeners ear! The group formed in May of 2022 with the sole intent to create something special that would change the narrative on what is to be a black man in today’s society. You
won’t find any derogatory lyrics, any women bashing or self-destructive content with KRK.

In just a short period of time they have put together an amazing EP, “It’s Bigger Than an EP”, to be released in the fall of 2023. Their lead single “Whitewalls” is a sultry southern soul type nod to their wives as it describes the joy of simply rollin’ in an old school ride, side by side with the love of their lives. The video is just as captivating with a stunning visual, complete with a ’65 candy apple red Lincoln and line dancers, adorned in red & white, all shot underneath the beautiful Tampa sky. Their live shows are full of energy, spice and unbelievable stage presence. In early 2024, they plan to follow up the EP with their full- length debut, “King Season”. No doubt KRK is a force to be reckoned with!



The New Groove aka TNG is a soul-powered music trio that brings infectious retro grooves everywhere we go. Based out of Atlanta, we bring you a combination of soul, flow and glow that you’re guaranteed to jam at full volume. From funk to classical, full range productions from DJ OloGi provide the foundation for the soothing chords and harmonies sang by Rravvii as well as the explosive stimulating bars served by KeepitSwain. Welcome to The New Groove!





N’Davious (Dee) Goodson is a Jamaican- American singer and songwriter born in Dothan, AL. Dee first began playing piano at age 6, guitar at age 9, and singing at age 14. He then began to enter and win music competitions and take over his hometown by force. Once the young singer turned 19 years old, he then moved to Fort Myers, FL to tone his skills and learn the business aspect of the industry. On September 7, 2018, he signed to none other than the Hip Hop legend herself, Trina and her record label Rockstarr Music Group. Since then, Dee grasped a lot of people’s attention with his debut single “Mi Way” which is currently in the six-digit count of streams; and releasing more new music.



Dj Kp is a Tampa, Fl based DJ that has loved music her entire life. Her passion is making others happy through the gift of music. Diversity and Inclusion is resonated through the tunes she spins on every occasion. She enjoys creating the perfect environment using the energy of the crowd to blend and mix music whether its Hip Hop,Pop, RnB, or Top 40. Dj KP is a Florida native that loves to not only create the best vibe for her clients but will even join you on the dance floor to have a good time.




Sugababyyy’s On The Go

Gees Wings N Things

JP's Hot Fish



Domi Italian Ice

Ani Mami

JT’s Tropical Sno


Precious Treasure Gourmet Foods

Barbara’s Kitchen

TEAL Kitchen

Oui Slay Gourmet

Taste of Home Grill

Charlie Chats Kitchen

Festival Hot Sauce

Annie Mae’s Peanut Patch


Candy’s Sweet Breads

Cake And Candles Cravings

Psalms Gourmet Brittle

Not Your Mommas Cookies


BANG Energy Drinks


Davis Island Vibes

Ade Me Lemonade

Cariblend Juices


Beasley Media / Wild 94.1

iHeart / 95.7 The Beat


Polaris Slingshot




Yokie Empire


Bliss Wellness Market


Chaney Cigars


Sacred Skyn


Be Legendary Too

Grand Entrance Boutique

Designs By Zulu

Jbricks Realty

Natural for a Reason

CaLay Creations LLC

Jamie Brown LLC

Gleaming Inside-Out

LipTalk Cosmetics

Esintrik Apparel


Built On Luv, LLC

Mattress Firm


K’s Healing Crystals and Beads

Built On Luv, LLC

Sapphiry Fasheen

Nuplug Apparel LLC

Blazin Wiks

Kings Kare

Melanated Luxury

One Stop Bail Bonds

Rent and Relax USA

God Is Inkredible

Meci's Hand's

Onyx Scrubs and Accessories

ASE Empowerment Wear LLC

Cigar Pxrn

Dani’s Dream Creations

Kitty Dymn / Curb Gear

Pour Love Drown Hate

Momentum Solar

Historical Landmark Cordova

Power Home Remodeling

Zoey Dickerson

Kingdom Come Ministries

Hillsborough County Black Republican Club

Weedies World Famous

Pour Love Drown Hate


Melanated Luxury

Kitty Dymn / Curb Gear


Gracepoint Healthcare

Florida Blue Cross Blue Shield

Vertex Pharmaceuticals

Live Purposely

Concierge Health Train



Lutheran Family Services

Mahogany Kids Fine Arts Foundation /B.E.C.

Bleu Sky Insurance


Vertical Renewal

Urban League

Florida Rising

Legacy Church

Kingdom Come Ministries

Hillsborough Black Chamber of Commerce


Artlisia Bibbs Fine Arts

B/ue Robin

Gasparilla Festival of Arts

5 Studio Artists

Tampa Museum Of Art


Beautiful Journey by Richard Kelly


Neka's Royal Creations (Face Painting & Crafts)

Tyny Fingers LLC (Kids's Apparel)

Inflatable Bouncy Houses & Inflatables

Live Animal Petting Zoo

2 Video Game Trucks

Glazer Children's Museum

Giant Slide

Jacob's Ladder



Lil Miss Cookie

vendors directory
Press release


R.O.C. the Block Festivals is proud to announce

JUNETEENTH at the Stadium

The 2023 Tampa Bay Area Cultural Festival & Celebration


The Entire Tampa Bay Community is invited to celebrate our newest national holiday, Juneteenth, with R.O.C. the Block Festivals, on Saturday, June 17, 2023 at Raymond James Stadium! The festivities begin at 3pm and will include a power-packed day of music, arts, food, and community!!! In only 3 years, R.O.C. the Block Festivals has grown the Tampa Bay Area's Juneteenth Cultural Festival and Celebration into one of the largest in the country!

June 19th is annually commemorated as a holiday celebrating the emancipation of those who had been enslaved in the United States. Also known as Freedom Day, Liberation Day, and Emancipation Day, Juneteenth originated in Galveston, Texas and is now celebrated annually throughout the nation. On June 19, 1865, Union Army General Gordon Granger announced General Order No. 3, proclaiming freedom from slavery in Texas.

Since Tampa Bay hosted Super Bowl weekend in 2021, R.O.C. the Block Festivals has presented small business popups to inspire economic development in urban neighborhoods throughout the Tampa Bay community! To provide greater exposure to the celebration, R.O.C. the Block Festivals identified Raymond James Stadium as a favored location for a community-wide event that will showcase the talent, innovation and love of our culture! "From a company perspective, black people from across the Tampa Bay region deserve to be seen and appreciated for the advancements we've made to support this city! With the influx on black business development in the region, we feel it's time for us to celebrate us!"

R.O.C. the Block Festivals reached out to other annual community event organizers to be inclusive of everyone's celebrations across the Tampa Bay Area! A "Juneteenth" Facebook group has been established to post and promote events from the entire region and beyond!


"The thrust behind our company's vision is to inspire the people of our communities to support each other! During the season of the pandemic, we wanted to show support in areas that had been seemingly forgotten or overlooked. Having survived over a year of the COVID-19 pandemic, we feel the need to celebrate our victories and accomplishments! Many of the business vendors that participate in our pop ups have emerged during the pandemic. We want to show them our support, push their brands, and also illuminate entrepreneurship as a viable option for those looking to diversify their lives!"

A major push behind the R.O.C. the Block Festivals movement is the GT Network and App! Bolaji Ajike, the network and app's developer, has created a unique vehicle that combines media and mobile communications to highlight black businesses across the globe. The GT Network is quickly becoming one of the fastest growing independent media networks in the country. The Bolaji Show, for which she serves as the producer and host, features one-on-one interviews with small business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world. Developed in 2020, the GT App is available for both iOS and Android devices. It features a business directory, marketplace, job board, bookstore - it's literally an all-in-one app for everything related to black business!

The events for the entire weekend are family friendly! We expect to see everybody from everywhere participating somewhere for Juneteenth 2023!

This year's festival experience includes:

over 100 retail vendors,

over 25 food trucks,

a health and wellness center,

a KIDZONE with FREE game trucks, a petting zoo, an inflatable obstacle course,

an Arts District featuring displays from fine artists from around the nation,

and of course we've got LIVE MUSIC all day long!!!

For more information, contact R.O.C. the Block Festivals at!

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